Our company was set up in 1949 , and was initially focused on machine repair. In 1960 we started manufacturing all kinds of machinery, in particular hydraulic presses. In 1971, in response to market needs, we set up a new business area: manufacture of hydraulic telescopic truck cranes raising up to 25 tonnes 32 metres high. Our cranes for lifting loads or towing trucks were warmly welcomed and gained a great reputation in the market.

In 1976 we started developing a new range of elevation equipment: self-propelled cranes or crane trucks to handle loads outdoors. That was the reason the Movex brand was created. With the experience we had gained in hydraulic cranes, in 1980 we started manufacturing truck-mounted aerial work platforms.



Machines that make machines

We started building machines for industry and maintaining them. We were eventually manufacturing more than 50 different machine models to produce ceramics and held our own patents for many of them.


Building the future

With the construction boom, demand for elevation devices shot up. Based on our experience in hydraulic machinery, we decided to mount heavy hydraulic cranes on trucks.


Reaching new markets

We started to build self-propelled cranes which allowed us to work for companies involved in transporting cargo, maintenance, industrial facilities, marinas, etc.


A model for every use

The need for articulated platforms was growing in a number of sectors for an increasing number of uses. Movex expanded its product range, supplying articulated telescopic platforms on trucks, vans, pick-ups and special vehicles for mobile TV units, mining work, fire brigades and emergency services, infrastructure maintenance, etc.


International expansion

In the 21st-century, Movex now exports its technology to more than 20 countries. We have more than 15 crane models that can be completely customised and adapted to the needs of any business, company, industry or service.